Construction - New Build

The company has built high value detailed domestic properties throughout Vapi, Daman and Silvassa with reputed companies and individual firms.

Construction - Renovations and Refurbishments

We are proud to say that any renovations and refurbishments will be considered. The company has renovated and refurbished light industrial units of considerable size. The works to the industrial unit included changes in the footprint requiring the demolition of the redundant part of the building and A large concrete retaining wall was built to the structural engineers specification

Civil Engineering

The company has for many years been successful in providing civil engineering works for structural engineers. There is a close working relationship with these professionals providing structural solutions. These solutions may be underpinning, retaining walls, basements, concrete raft and slabs.

■ Under Ground Water Tank

Work has been carried out on a wide variety of domestic properties up to 6,65,000 litters.

■ Concrete retaining walls

Retaining walls have been constructed on domestic and industrial properties, large and small throughout the region.

■ Office Building

We have constructed office buildings for either new domestic properties or renovation in the traditional method with the proper client satisfaction.

■ Concrete Raft and Slabs

We can build Concrete Raft and Slabs either as part of a larger construction project or for developers to continue with their construction phases.


The company undertakes concrete works for several nationwide industrial concerns. There is no project too large for the company to undertake.
A structural engineer can be bought on board to act in any civil engineering project. Concrete works have been carried out either whilst the client is operating their plant or during a shutdown. The company can work to deadlines to ensure the operations of the client are not disrupted.

Sanjan Ware house & P.E.B

A-One Fence Product, Tumbh

RCC Building, Sanjan

Meera Cotton, Silvassa

Sahaj Enterprise- Balaji Industrial Estate, Silvassa

Balaji Square, Silvassa

Blue Chip, Masat, Silvassa

Beekaylon, Samarvarni, Silvassa